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How Grocery Store Resets Differ from Other Retail Resets

Grocery Store Resets: Why Your Favorite Grocery Chains Like To Change Things Up.

In the retail world, a “reset” describes the massive overhaul of a store layout. We’re talking a total fresh start, clearing shelves and rearranging products in new and, by the way, very calculated ways. No segment of the retail industry is more adept at the reset than grocery stores. They tend to do resets a whole lot more elaborately and more often than other stores. In fact, a grocery reset is almost like building a new store.

The Grocery Businesses Is Ultra-Competitive

Grocery retailers work with very low margins and tend to face stiff competition. One of the ways a grocery business can come out on top is by striving to make its stores better than the competition, and one of the ways to do that is by changing the layout based on new products, new market information, and new customer insights.

A Store Reset To Increasing Impulse Buys

Grocery merchandising is different than most retail markets. A big goal of any grocery store is to get customers to purchase products they didn’t necessarily come to buy. Grocery resets change the store merchandising, which forces shoppers to abandon their well-mapped-out stroll through the aisles and do a little extra searching to find all the items on their lists. Along the way, if the reset is done effectively, these shoppers are sure to bump into a few products they might not have considered purchasing when they entered the store. For a grocery company, a store reset is a great way to introduce new impulse products to old customers.

Grocery Resets Follow The Seasons

Another big difference a grocery reset has from other retail resets is seasonality. Sure, many retailers change things up a bit throughout the year. But the grocery store faces major changes in product selection based up the seasons. During Halloween, candy selection grows exponentially in a grocery store. For Thanksgiving, turkeys and all the fixings must get prominent shelf space. Each week, produce is featured based on what fruits and veggies are in season. The point is, while other retailers operate with seasonality, few do it to the extent of the grocery industry.

Grocery Planograms Read Differently

Grocery planograms are far more detailed than conventional planograms because a grocery store deals with far more products, prices, sizes, services, shapes and brands than most retail companies. Space is usually pretty tight. Therefore, a grocery planogram has to focus on both maximizing sales and space. The merchandising balance between putting the most profitable brands and products in the highest-converting locations, and maximizing space so that stock will fit, and a grocery inventory of thousands of products can be effectively managed is key.

The Need For Speed

Time is of the essence in the grocery business. Store resets must be done fast so stores can open ASAP, and that requires a lot of pre-planning. These days, new retail management software and planogram solutions take a lot of the manual work out of the store reset. Many grocery chains also work with third party retail services companies to assist with resets. One thing is certain. Whether a grocery giant or a small business, store resets are an important part of staying ahead of the competition and appealing to your customers in new and exciting ways.

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