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The Software Solution That Drives Merchandising With Powerful Retail Insights.

The Software Solution That Drives Merchandising With Powerful Retail Insights.


Mobile Insight® captures real-time data and distills it into actionable reports to help you improve merchandising, store conditions, and bottom-line sales.

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The Right Insights Lead To The Right Decisions

Mobile Insight® data-driven solutions deliver deep insights across your retail operations. Our software captures the right data and distills everything into actionable reports that guide confident decision making. Optimize merchandising, promotions and retail performance with intel that standard merchandising software just can’t match.


Intelligent Retail Merchandising

Field teams capture real-time data and photos on any mobile device to provide a crystal-clear look at in-store conditions – merchandising, products, promotions, signage, shelf displays. Experience stores just as your customers experience them. Make merchandising adjustments and improvements instantly. Ensure full compliance with brand and display standards to achieve the presence you need to maximize sales.


Enhanced Data Capture

Unlike standard merchandising software, Mobile Insight® software incorporates relevant data from external sources – demographic, geographic, foot traffic, competitive intel, and more. Get the complete picture of product and location performance for stronger merchandising decisions.

Track & Task Beyond Conventional Merchandising Software

Our software will help you manage field teams across stores and regions. GPS-enabled tracking makes sure store visits occur on schedule, and that data and photos captured are current and accurate. Learn who you can count on to get the job done and who you can’t. Plus, know that your merchandising decisions are based on relevant and reliable retail intelligence.

Products & Performance

It’s critical for brands and retailers to identify what products are moving and which ones are struggling. Our suite of in-store and in-field capabilities make this a whole lot easier. Measure sales performance by product, location, region, daypart and more. Track how effectively products move from the storeroom to the shelves. Gauge promotional and marketing programs. Use the intelligence gathered to make immediate adjustments to improve merchandising, displays and retail performance.

Customized Dashboards & Reporting

Along with an unmatched suite of retail management and merchandising capabilities, Mobile Insight® software makes understanding and analyzing all your relevant data simple. Our software distills everything down to customized reports based on KPI’s you determine. Use this data to glean powerful retail insights into merchandising, pricing, employee performance and more. Share these insights among key decision-makers to quickly adjust strategies and improve retail execution.


Visibility That Surpasses Standard Merchandising Software

Only Mobile Insight® gives you relevant data and intel across your retail operations – shelves, stores, products, regions, teams. Ordinary merchandising software will never be able to map out your retail operations with this level of visibility. Great merchandising goes beyond aesthetics. A great merchandising program is built on insights derived from relevant data that will help you price, promote, display and stock products in ways that maximize revenue. This is why Mobile Insight® is such a game changer.

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