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Fuel growth and innovation:
Partner with Mobile Insight to unlock the power of VIBA.

Drive revenue and consumer engagement, and deliver best-in-class retail experiences with the world’s leading AI-first, human-touch virtual brand ambassador. Our comprehensive partner network combines the expertise of technology, hardware, and service providers, empowering retailers to achieve their brand and sales goals.

Fuel Growth and Innovation:
The power of partnership

The power of partnership

Join forces with Mobile Insight, the industry’s most advanced AI-powered retail solution, and become part of a network of like-minded partners who share your commitment to innovation. Our network spans multiple partner types, including technology, hardware, and service organizations. When you partner with Mobile Insight you can:

  • Offer AI, human-touch solutions for retail
  • Generate new revenue streams through referrals and reselling opportunities
  • Access exclusive partner resources, including sales and marketing materials
  • Receive VIBA training and dedicated technical support
  • Run co-marketing and promotional activities
  • Benefit from a generous commission structure

Types of partnership


Refer potential customers to Mobile Insight. Our team will strategize with your team to align on how to best move the opportunity to close.


Purchase Mobile Insight solutions at a reduced Partner Price for resell to your customers. Partner is responsible for sales and support services.


Integrate Mobile Insight solutions into your own offerings, enhancing the value proposition of, and providing a comprehensive solution to, your customers. Requires  a minimum commit level, then priced on usage.

Who we partner with

Retailers and Merchandisers
Differentiate from competitors, increase customer experience and sales conversions, and create new lines of business by featuring Mobile Insight within your tech stack.

Services Partners
Help customers achieve their retail business goals through consulting, sales, and customer experience expertise, fostering improved engagement in-store and online.

Technology Partners
Deliver industry-leading intelligence, conversational AI capabilities, data, and machine learning to retail brands through integration with Mobile Insight.

Hardware Partners
Create dynamic and engaging in-store VIBA experiences through innovation and access.

Meet our partners


  • Walmart
  • Sam’s Club
  • Best Buy
  • Costco

Service Partners

  • T-ROC
  • SmartJobs
  • Bizcoo
  • Disrupting Inc.
  • Ricoh
  • HumanX Insight

Technology Partners

  • Google
  • HP (Polycom)
  • Synthesia
  • Qrvey
  • ElevenLabs
  • Wi-Charge

Hardware Partners

  • HP
  • Partner Tech

Ready to partner with Mobile Insight?

Experience the difference VIBA can make with your retail experience.