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National Wireless Carrier


Field Marketing Reps




Using clipboards and paper, they spent an average of 7 hours per week doing administrative work related to in-store activities. This included manually entering data into a spreadsheet and emailing the documents to corporate contacts. These contacts then manually aggregate the data from all field marketing reps before sending it on to analysts who would review the data in order to glean insights.

With Mobile Insight®

Almost 100% of the non-store admin work is eliminated – enabling almost a full day of additional store visits. Across the country, this resulted in approximately 20% more store visits. By reconfiguring their coverage territories and redeploying resources, operational costs were reduced by more than $1M per year. The result was a 10x ROI in just the first year alone! Not to mention, improved real-timee insights and time-savings for the corporate teams.

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