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AI first sales…
with a human touch

Elevating the connection between shoppers and brands in brick-and-mortar retail.

Retail consumers need more than passive shopping experiences. Mobile Insight improves the retail experience with personalized, data-rich, guided engagements between shoppers and brands. Our leading product, VIBA, seamlessly blends human-like AI with live brand ambassadors, creating a consumer-centric experience that fosters engagement and drives sales. 

AI first sales… with a human touch

We're here to help brands...

Sell More

VIBA’s structured, AI-enabled sales journey identifies shoppers’ needs and provides the right product details at the right time, moving consumers towards purchase and seamlessly handing conversations to live sales reps as needed.

Sell Smarter

VIBA is built on logic oriented to purchase intent and utilizes effective retail psychology to progressively move shoppers along their buyer journey and compel them toward purchase.

Sell Connected

Leveraging both AI and live human support, VIBA helps your brand deliver an experience that’s consumer-oriented and responsive to shopper needs.

The world’s first AI-powered Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador

The world’s first AI-powered Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, across every retail channel, VIBA is your brand’s solution to optimized retail, in brick-and-mortar and beyond.

VIBA’s AI virtual ambassador not only appears human but also behaves like a human, and connects with live humans, to provide the best retail brand ambassador experience. VIBA helps build relationships, uncovers needs, and effortlessly guides consumers to the right products and services.

Your brand can deliver consistent, intelligent, and personalized sales interactions – rich with data and effective sales strategies. VIBA empowers brands to sell smarter, faster, and connect more effectively with shoppers in retail settings.

Today’s retail shoppers
expect more.

Today’s retail shoppers expect more.

of retail shoppers say companies need to transform how they engage.

VIBA has engaged consumers at retailers including:

Engage with consumers anytime, anywhere.