CASE STUDY: Performance Metrics Solutions


Mobile Store Operators (MSO), owns and operates 85 T-Mobile locations throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Regional, store managers and employees needed an easy way to ensure that daily store standards and requirements are met with each store. A variety of periodic checklists (including daily tasks) were required to ensure that all operational policies and procedures were being followed.



Vision by Mobile Insight™ is a field management, performance and optimization solution that is ideal for enhancing productivity through creating operational checklists. To ensure consistency across all 85 stores, customized checklists were filled up and shared with all store managers via the mobile app.

These constant electronic checklists allow store level managers and employees to view finished and unfinished tasks, including inventory levels, in-store experience, housekeeping, safety, and end-of-day activities. Whether it’s a better organized back room, or verifying electronic time cards, the ability to schedule and complete organizational tasks means that managers and employees can prioritize and have more time on the sales floor thus achieving higher revenue per hour per store and increasing customer satisfaction.




  • Operational checklist customized to operational standards, ensuring consistency of reporting
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Paperless checklists that are easily shareable with team members
  • Improve every aspect of operations, including quality assurance, safety, inventory, merchandising and payroll tasks
  • Immediately communicate quality and compliance issues with team and management
  • Better scheduling of operational tasks means more time to focus on sales


“With Vision by Mobile Insight, we’re able to knock out daily operational tasks, organize ourselves better and, as a result, be able to spend more time on the floor. With Vision’s electronic checklists, our operations are more efficient and consistent, and across the board, there’s increased revenue by the hour for every location. — Marcelo Bruzzo, Regional Director, Mobile Store Operators (T-Mobile Premium Retailer)