Trade Promotion Optimization For Retail

Promotion Optimization: Power Your Sales Promotions With Data-Driven Analytics And Insights.

Promotion Optimization: Power Your Sales Promotions With Data-Driven Analytics And Insights.


Get more out of your retail promotions with Mobile Insight®. Our solution shows you the way to building more effective promotion programs that control costs, increase ROI and expand market share.

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Let us show you how data-driven insights will lead to more efficient and effective promotional programs.

Let’s Break The Cycle

The hard reality is that many promotional efforts fail to effectively boost sales and build brand awareness. They deliver less-than-impressive numbers and leave brands and retailers wondering what went wrong.

It’s a good bet the problem lies with the information and insights these promotions we’re designed around. Incomplete or inaccurate data leads to decisions that are equally unreliable.

Mobile Insight® takes these inconsistencies out of the equation and breaks the cycle of lackluster performance through effective promotion optimization. Our solution delivers the data and insights you need to make informed and calculated decisions, and to create promotions that maximize sales performance.

Promotion Optimization – An Ongoing Commitment

Every promotion is designed to move products and improve sales. But very few programs are designed to push the entire promotional process forward. And that’s a problem. Because an effective promotion doesn’t just deliver right now, it helps pave the way for future promotional initiatives.

This is why Mobile Insight® is such a tremendous advantage for brands and retailers. The data and insights our solution delivers will help you create a long-term promotions optimization program that maximizes performance today, while also generating a cycle of continuous improvement.

Mobile Insight® pinpoints the right data and puts it in front of the right people to present a crystal-clear picture of stores, products, manpower, geography, traffic patterns, sales performance and other factors that impact promotions.

You get the information you need to effectively execute today’s promotion and plan for tomorrow’s.

Promotional Pain Points Answered With Hands-On Experience

We understand the challenges brands and retailers face because we’ve been there ourselves. Mobile Insight was founded by retail experts with decades of experience leading product promotions, working the sales floor, executing marketing programs and running the numbers to measure ROI. We get it. Because we’ve done it. Here’s what our solution and best practices can mean for your optimization efforts.

  • Get relevant data to drive effective promotions without the extraneous data that only muddies the waters.
  • Measure performance with clear ROI based on accurate and reliable data.
  • Streamline the planning process for future promotions by leveraging past successes and new insights.
  • Schedule promotions around data that details factors impacting performance and bottom-line success.
  • Instantly review analytics and insights to measure progress and make necessary adaptations going forward.
  • Keep one eye on today’s promotional success with the other focused on building momentum for even greater optimization down the road.

Improve Your Promotions And Drive Retail Sales With Mobile Insight®.
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Optimize Your Next Promotion With The Right Data Insights

Use Mobile Insight® to capture, report and analyze the specific data relevant to the success of your initiative. Think of promotion optimization like a laser pointer. It’s not about collecting and compiling a monumental volume of data. Rather, it’s about honing in on the precise information impacting your business, operations, products, and customer behavior.

This is where Mobile Insight® excels. And it’s how our solution helps you design promotions with genuine impact.

In-Store Conditions

Use Mobile Insight’s® customized smart forms with real-time photo capture to experience stores exactly as customers experience them.

Drive promotions compliance with a clear view of products, displays, pricing, promotional signage, marketing materials, and more.

Gauge promotions performance with real-time accuracy across locations and markets. See what’s working and what’s not, so you can make adjustments on the fly.


Traffic And Market Information

Mobile Insight® integrates external data including footfall traffic and environmental data to help you build promotions around the locations and time periods that will generate the greatest sales.


Customer Engagement

Provide in-store representatives with one-touch access to product and promotional details. This improves customer service which in turn drives promotions to reach greater heights.


Inventory Management

Inconsistent inventory will stop any promotion dead in its tracks. Mobile Insight® provides real-time data on merchandising and inventory, so those important promotional products are always in stock and on shelves.


Tracking Sales

See how well your promotions are doing in terms of retail sales broken down by location, region, product, time of day and any other KPIs you determine.


Custom Dashboards and Reporting

Mobile Insight® drills down the data and analytics vital to a successful promotion into easily digestible and fully customizable reports. You see the information and KPIs you need to know – daily, weekly, monthly – clearly spelled out however you like.


Informed Decisions Lead To Better Promotions

The more you understand about your products, inventory, locations, traffic patterns, and customers – the easier it is to design an effective promotion optimization program.


Only Mobile Insight® brings dynamic data analytics and unmatched visibility to your promotional strategies. You won’t be making best guesses. Instead, you’ll be making informed and confident decisions that lead to sales-driving promotions.

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See What Mobile Insight® Can Do For Your Company

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