Field Sales Software & Mobile App Features

The Retail 4.0 software solution and mobile app that turns technology into productivity

The Retail 4.0 Software Solution and Mobile App that Turns Technology into Productivity


Improve field sales and management with the digital solution that gives your reps the advantage of true insight. Mobile Insight® captures the right data – intelligence critically relevant to your retail business – and distills it down to actionable information that drives informed decision-making to help improve field activity, supply chain management, store merchandising, customer engagement, and every area of business that impacts sales.

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Why A Field Sales Software Solution?

Today’s retail environment is more demanding than ever before. You’re selling across different sales channels. Your field team and sales reps find themselves juggling an ever-expanding list of responsibilities. Time is perpetually in short supply, meanwhile business never stops moving forward.

The right retail management and field sales software platform provides the different stakeholders driving your business with the control, ease and visibility they need for maximum productivity.


Why Mobile Insight®?

Our software platform and mobile app answer the toughest field sales and management challenges brands and retailers face today. Here are just a few:

The Industry’s Most Accurate Retail 4.0 Solution

The key to an effective field sales team and management strategy in today’s Retail 4.0 environment is not compiling mountains of data. In fact, too much erroneous information only serves to compound the confusion. Instead, you need a software platform and mobile app capable of pinpointing and capturing the very specific data relevant to your business and its unique sales, marketing, management and operational needs.

You Get The Right Information

Our sales and management platform combines fully customizable smart forms with internal and external intelligence drawn from other data sources – AI, robots, store sensors, geographic data sources, weather, traffic and more. Mobile Insight® integrates all the data relevant to your business, while eliminating the data you don’t need. So, you can be sure the intelligence you’re looking at is not just accurate, it’s critical to your business.

You See It In The Right Format

One of the key advantages to using Mobile Insight® is the custom reports our software and app generate. Create actionable reports that transform your relevant data into powerful business insights. Field reps, sales reps and management enjoy instant access to an intuitive dashboard that spells out the information they need to drive productivity in crystal-clear fashion. The better you understand your sales and field performance, the easier it is to make the right decisions moving forward.

From the field to the sales floor, the world’s top brands and retailers rely on Mobile Insight® to drive performance and boost sales. Join These Top Brands and Retailers That Use Our Solution.

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Mobile Insight® At A Glance

Improve Field Activity

Using the Mobile Insight® app, reps in the field capture vital information with one-touch ease – sales, inventory, product distribution, store appearance, merchandising, promotion optimization, marketing, signage, and any other KPI’s you choose. Plus, this intel can be backed up with on-the-spot photo capture. If you’re looking for a better, more accurate way to examine your field operations, Mobile Insight® is the answer.

Save Time & Money

Real-time insights mean real-time capabilities. Make critical sales and operations decisions faster and more confidently based on information you know is accurate, relevant and up-to-the-minute. Spend less time wondering and waiting for sales reports and business intelligence and more time acting on insights that are right in front of you in an instant.

Use Insights To Increase Sales

Use the intelligence gathered by our software and mobile app to improve the performance of sales reps and stores. The visibility Mobile Insight® offers will help you create better merchandising and customer engagement programs; improve store appearance and product merchandising software; strengthen sales rep training programs; retail auditing; and make other improvements that directly impact sales. You’ll boost conversions by leveraging the deep retail insights only Mobile Insight® delivers.

Operate Ahead Of The Curve

The entire purpose of a field sales software solution is to enable retail businesses to be more proactive and, thereby, more competitive. Our solution delivers this advantage by keeping your sales reps and your business at the forefront of digital technology.

With Mobile Insight®, you enjoy a level of visibility into sales, field operations, and management that no other retail software platform delivers. You’ll see what other brands and retailers miss. You’ll understand your sales channels and your customers better than the competition. You’ll possess the distinct advantage of getting the right data, at the right time, in front of the right people. And that’s a competitive edge that adds up to better productivity and greater sales every time.

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