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Help high-value brands and retailers make data insights a competitive advantage.

Through critical data insights, our customers achieve sales and operations excellence. This delivers a winning formula of knowledgeable and engaged employees and 3PLs, optimized merchandising and pricing as well as fast, high-quality, real-time decision-making.

For the last 12 years, Mobile Insight® has been at the forefront of digital workforce, merchandising, and retail execution solutions. As Retail 4.0 becomes a reality, our technology continues to evolve to ensure our customers are prepared for the next generation of brick and mortar retail operations.  

We remain the first and only retail software solution designed to answer the unique challenges of high-value brands and retailers. There are a lot of technology choices out there and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. 

At Mobile Insight®, we configure our digital solutions with our depth of experience that allows our users to perform at their best in an age when that's less about product availability and inventory, and more about elevating customer experiences.


"Mobile Insight has given us two very clear advantages in running our field operations. First, we can see direct correlations between territory account managers with high sales growth and the use of the product; and, second, we’re able to maximize our team deployments based on clear activity and impact trends. We wouldn’t be nearly as successful without it."


Measurable Results

Mobile Insight® captures, compiles and reports the data most relevant to your retail operations. You’re able to gain powerful insights about your business, leading to informed decisions that drive quantifiable increases in performance and bottom-line sales. Want numbers like these? Get them with Mobile Insight®.


Same Staff Store


Faster Issue


Reduced Field
Admin Time

Up to 50%

Sales Performance Increase

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Seeing is Believing.

Let our Customer Success Team show you why Mobile Insight® is a Retail 4.0 game changer.


Our Retail 4.0 Vision

Today’s retail shopping experience is dramatically different than it was just a few years ago. To compete, you need a partner who understands the constantly evolving business and technology landscape and who has the industry expertise to deliver tangible results. 

If you’re like most high-value brands and retailers, it’s been difficult to effectively apply the online, digital world’s best practices to your physical stores and venues.

Not anymore.

Our Retail 4.0 vision for brick and mortar retail operations fully embraces the importance and value of digitizing the physical customer purchase journey. Mobile Insight® is the first and only intelligent data solution that delivers actionable insights to tackle the unique challenges of Retail 4.0 – out in the field, in the boardroom, in stores, and in front of customers who demand more from your products, your people, and your venues.

Our secret sauce is the combination of advanced technology, physical retail expertise and integrated best practices.

Mobile Insight® captures and presents critical information to the right people at the right time to make decisions and optimize programs that maximize sales, customer loyalty, operations, and team performance.


"Mobile Insight has greatly improved our ability to identify and resolve key in-store challenges. We now address specific, highly granular issues faster than ever before. Coupled with the exceptional support we receive from the Mobile Insight client services team, we’re well-positioned to improve our retail execution and bottom-line performance."

our executive team

Meet the retail experts of Mobile Insight®.

Eduardo Santaella

Eduardo is the COO & General Manager for Mobile Insight®. Prior to joining, he was Founder, President and CEO of ONUVA Technologies, a leading supplier of open-source based mission critical applications and services. During his career as an entrepreneur and executive for global technology companies such as SAP, Eduardo has led the strategy and execution of IT-centric projects in an aggressive geographic expansion in areas of retail, packaging products, oil and gas, government and services. Eduardo also brings a proven track record in the international IT arena. Over the years, he has led key IT infrastructure and functional initiatives for a multitude of Tier-1 global organizations.

Raag Srinivasan

Raag is the Chief Technology Officer for Mobile Insight®. He brings more than 25 years of product development and software development experience in both early stage ventures and large public companies. His prior experience includes management roles in two of the largest government system integrators as well as software, engineering, and system architecture roles in several ventures.

Heather Anderson

As Vice President of Customer Success at Mobile Insight®, Heather is responsible for all client-facing functions, including account management, customer success and customer support. She brings 20 years of marketing and business development expertise to the table, having built winning programs to increase product/service sell-through to customers and extend the brand promise to the point of sale. Her background combines hands-on retail experience with consumer electronics brands and in-depth experience building multiple software ventures.  

Brett Beveridge

Brett Beveridge is an entrepreneurial, results-driven executive with over 20 years of experience and success in the retail sales and operations of wireless and technology ventures. He has hands-on success in start-ups, profit turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions, and IPOs and fundraising. In various capacities, Brett has been directly involved with the development, opening, and operations of over 1,000 retail communications stores nationwide, as well as the management of large-scale, high-performance field sales teams.

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If you'd like to be part of our team pioneering Retail 4.0 for the next generation of high-value brands and retailers, we'd like to hear from you. 

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