Q4 Insights

MIAMI, FL (November 10, 2017)

One of the challenges of fourth quarter, or any time of the year where you have a bunch of new hires all at once, is to make sure that everyone is delivering the same customer experience, and that there is standardization across your organization. Are these new employees able to deliver on your brand promise, and more importantly, how do you whether they are or not? Gaining visibility into what’s working and what’s not becomes more critical the larger and busier that your business becomes.

Implementing a systemic way to approach these challenges can make or break your fourth quarter. Applications like Visionô by Mobile Insight, which gives you much needed visibility to ensure consistency, productivity and location performance, can help you pinpoint issues in real time. And of course, while it’s true for all businesses, but especially those in the retail space, the quicker you can make adjustments, the faster you can yield better results.

Equally important to the sales equation is how you track your customers. Especially during time of heavy retail traffic, it’s important that the process to capture customer data be quick, easy and with an intuitive user experience. And while there are many ways to gather data on customers, the real question is: What are you doing with your data? Because while it’s great if you can capture key data points, without a robust reporting element it’s a giant exercise in futility. With an application like Engageô by Mobile Insight, you can collect customer information—whether that customer today or not— that you can use to boost conversions and increase sales tomorrow.

The reality is however you’re tracking your team’s activities or customer data, the end goal should be the same: by firming up your operations, you’ll realize time and efficiency savings, and that will—or should—translate into valuable insight into how to streamline your business and drive revenue—especially at the busiest time of the year.