Top 5 Sales Blogs to Follow


bloggersSales blogs are a fantastic way for sales professionals to stay current with the latest trends and developments in the industry. Most blogs are written by industry professionals and provide insight from a personal, professional, and well researched perspective. Those who travel on a regular basis will benefit from the auditory information that podcasts provide while driving or flying for work.

As a sales professional, whether you want to brush up on a certain topic, learn something new, or study the thought patterns of industry leaders, here are some of the top blogs and podcasts to follow:

  • This blog is updated regularly by David Meerman Scott, an international bestselling author of Marketing, PR, and Sales books. The blog features posts on everything from best practices to anecdotes and case studies and infographics. Professionals who have their hands in a sales department that overlaps with marketing will benefit from the big picture/comprehensive posts in this blog site. The posts even feature easy to scan keywords under each heading for readers looking for information on a particular topic. Check out the site’s infographic on worst practices for making a sale to get started.
  • Provided by speaker, sales leader, and author Anthony Iannarino, this blog is all about encouraging sales professionals to improve their craft and learn more about the driving principles of sales. Anyone who is interested in building professional relationships, grasping easily digestible sales tips, or finding motivation will enjoy the posts on this blog site. Read his post on new vs. old school thinking in sales and marketing for a taste of his writing style. The daily posts are generally short and to the point, providing exactly what readers need to start or finish a work day with self-improvement. The site also offers podcasts for professionals on the go.
  • Jill Konrath’s Sales Blog. Jill Konrath is a thought leader in sales who works with clients like Wells Fargo and Microsoft to improve sales processes. She is a bestselling sales author and was named 2014 Sales Fellow by HubSpot. Readers will find videos accompanying most of the blog posts and topics that focus primarily on best practices that can be implemented at a personal or team level. Many posts are structured to be educational and provide readers with succinct, practical sales lessons. Browse through the blog or check out her post on whether sales professionals need an innate ability to be successful to see how she approaches sales techniques.
  • The Sales Playbook Podcast. This podcast is free through iTunes, but is also featured on other podcast sites and apps. Information is presented by Paul Castain, a lifelong sales guru. He works as a consultant but also provides the sales playbook in the form of an online course and a weekly podcast. Reviewers like the podcast for the practical knowledge and advice imparted in his sessions. Listen to episode 118 from February 27 to hear a personal story about overcoming failure in sales.
  • Sales Management Matters. This blog is great for anyone currently in sales management or those who are trying to become sales leaders. Provided by The Sales Management Association, the blog covers inter-industry research and proven best practices, as well as strategies for growth and opportunity. Look at the insightful post on why Measuring Doesn’t Always Equal Managing for an example of the information provided. Posts are written by guest authors in the sales industry.