Making the Sale: How the Best Sales Reps Do It

For traveling sales reps, sales have to be made quickly to ensure success. Having a few strategies to fall back on as a sales person makes the job much easier. This article will examine some sales strategies that you may find useful for your repertoire and show you how and when to use them for best results.

Be Personable


The first tip is less of a strategy and more a way of life. While it comes naturally to some and is foreign to others, being personable is a characteristic that you can learn, refine, and perfect. Here are a few tips for being personable when interacting with potential clients:

Start from the beginning. First impressions go a long way in business – as in life – and your ability to be personable from the start will help you in the long run. This means showing personality and emotion instead of retaining a strictly business mentality.

Find middle ground. Being personable – as the name suggests – requires you to share yourself with others. One of the best ways to do this is to let people know you as a person. Do you have a family? Hobbies? Interests? Share these with people and find common ground to discuss things that aren’t work related.

Stop following a script. Sales scripts and processes are useful for training, but rarely work in the field. In your effort to be personable, you have to be willing to ditch the script and take unique angles. This requires knowledge of your product from the inside-out. As a result, your expertise will enable you to adapt your pitch to whatever is most relevant to your sales target.

For those people who are not naturally personable, it’s important to push beyond hesitations and force yourself to communicate. Understand that most people respond well to compliments and naturally enjoy talking about themselves. When in doubt, ask questions and put the focus on their responses.

sales-repEncourage Quick Commitment

Any experienced salesperson will tell you that the longer a potential customer thinks about a deal, the less likely they are to follow through. Doubt naturally creeps in the longer someone contemplates a decision, and it’s your job to diminish this doubt by reducing the amount of time they take. Encourage quick commitment by adding an appropriate sense of urgency. This can be done by offering a limited time deal or bonus for reaching an agreement. You want to communicate urgency without pressuring the target into a position they don’t want to be in.

Hush! Start Listening

Salespeople are known by many for being loud, constantly talking, and never listening. Imagine what would happen if you flipped this notion on its head? Try talking less and listening more, and you’ll learn what your customers are looking for. Then, take time to develop a calculated response that addresses their needs and pain points.

Know When to Walk Away

Nobody likes to walk away from a potential deal, but it’s a skill every successful salesperson has perfected and used at one time or another. Treat every potential client like a long-term customer, and you’ll quickly find that immediate results aren’t always necessary to turn a profit. For example, when a target becomes agitated or visibly frustrated, it’s time to walk away. Frustrations have a way of boiling over and causing damage in the future, while they will almost always heal with time if appropriately dealt with.

Study, Study, Study

In the sales world, there are generally three types of salespeople. There are those that have a deep understanding of the products or services they sell but little personality or sales skills. There are those that have tons of personality, but little knowledge of what they’re actually pushing. And then there are those that have equal parts knowledge and sales skills. While you ideally want both, you want to start with knowledge of what you’re selling. Become an expert, and people will see you as a source of information, not just an advertisement.

By understanding each of these strategies and tips, you will be on your way to becoming a more successful salesperson in the coming year.